The Ultimate Pickleball Companion

The world's first electronic pickleball scoreboard that intelligently keeps track of the score, serving position and service number so you don't have to.

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Scoring Made Simple

Whether you're using the Dropshot app or the sleek Remote Control, all you need to do is indicate which team won the rally. 

The scoreboard automatically updates not just the score but also the service number (1 or 2) and the serving position (left or right), ensuring every player is always in the loop. 

Scoring Options

Revolutionize your game with Dropshot's smartwatch app or remote control. Score with a button press, a swipe, your voice, a scroll, or even a wrist gesture - your game, your rules. Dropshot keeps track, updating scores and serving orders effortlessly. It's more than a scorekeeper; it's a game-changer.

Advanced Game and Player Analytics 

Dive deep into your performance with advanced analytics available when using our Apple Watch app to keep score. Track your progress, identify strengths, and target areas for improvement with detailed player stats.

Where Do You Rank?

Unleash your competitive spirit with Dropshot's Social Leaderboards! Connect, compete, and see how you stack up against pickleball enthusiasts locally and nationally. Every serve, every win counts – are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Versatile Mounting Options for Any Game Setting

Don't be confined by your game location; Dropshot adapts to you! Easily mount our electronic scoreboard on the ground or a chain-link fence, ensuring visibility for all players, whether you're enjoying a casual game at the park or competing at your local sports club.

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